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A historically rooted, player-focused, and
mathematically perfected game of bat-and-ball.

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Vintage baseball card

Massachussets MA to Modern Day

Twenty-First Century Townball is a bat-and-ball game based upon the version of base ball played in Massachusetts before the Civil War. We took the original rules of The Massachussets Game and perojected them to what we believe the game would have become if the Massachusetts-style of play had won out over that of New York as America's National Pastime.

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Returning to the Roots

Overcommercialization, steroid use, and poor management have led to a decline of interest in baseball in recent years. However, the game of baseball itself is not completely without blame for its own demise. Townball is a compilation of the very best of what baseball has had to offer in all its various forms throughout the ages.

Our mission is to bring people back to the game.

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Townball has been played in the U.S. in California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, and New York. Send us a message to inquire about getting started with 21st Century Townball!

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